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Monday, 24 October 2016

I am a Girls Girl

Every since i was young i have always been more of a girls girls, im socially incompetent when it comes to boys, i just feel more at ease in a group of girls.

I mean i know most girls hate how bitchy it is but come on! EVERYONE loves a good bitch. And ive always felt super supported by all my girl friends. So when the GirlsGirlclub approached me and said they would like to work with me i was like Hell Yes!
They allowed me to pick any expression tee from their site and omg it was so hard! There were so many i could relate to! However with me recently entering the adult/working world i thought this " I cant adult" slogan tee would be perfect. There are many days im feeling just this. This shirt is from the brand Expression Tees https://expressiontees.com their items are so quirky and cool! 
The only thing that seems important is making sure my outfit is on point and my eyeliner is perfect. I cant help but get super excited about what shoes to pair with my outfit every day. I am such a girls girls that adulting can be super hard. But i always know that i have the support of all my girl friends and all the lovely blogging ladies i have meet. This club is such an incredible way to help support us gals in the cyber world, why not join and we can all give each other a virtual hug.

Sign up here

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Make your Mornings Pop

Calling all cereal lovers! Your wishes have been answered, a monthly subscription box has finally been created purely filled with all kinds of cereal goodness.

I bloody love cereal, its such a good breakfast or for me i love eating it for my supper! So when i heard that this was an actually thing i couldn't contain my excitement.  Each month your box is filled with 4 kinds of cereals, one of them is a limited edition flavour which is so damn yummy (even my stepdad loved it!)
For just £8.95 a month you get 4 types of cereal, three of these are cereals from all over the world and the final one is the limited edition flavour that is created by the Morning Pops team themselves. They are the perfect thing to brighten up your month and even better its free UK delivery! Because if anyone else is like me, i HATE paying shipping! My personal favourite are the Hersheys cookies and creme flavour, they are just like the chocolate in cereal form, its so cool. Dont miss out on this incredible new monthly box! 

Get your box today using the code FRIENDS25: Click here to make all your cereal dreams come true

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Scandal Eyes Reloaded

Well I'm sure as most of you have seen a lot of Youtubers have recently been sent lots of Rimmel goodies. And OMG who would have thought little old me would have gotten something! I received an email about a month ago saying they liked my work and would like to add me to their mailing list and I almost fainted I couldn't believe it!!

But I was even more shocked when I actually received these beauties in the post! It came with this super cute note and I already know how amazing the scandal eyes mascara is. Im so sorry this photo is such awful quality my camera situation is so rubbish at the moment but i wanted to show you guys what i got.
Anyway I was so excited to hear that Rimmel were bringing out a reloaded and extra black version. So I thought I would try this one out and show you all how amazing it is! I love how the brush is so thick that it can reach every lash and add so much volume to both the upper and lower lashes. I mean look at the difference!!
It makes them extra black and super thick! As you all know Rimmel is such an affordable brand and the quality if this mascara is just incredible, it really does give you scandalous lashes!

Scandal Eyes Reloaded Mascara- Black

Scandal Eyes Reloaded Mascara- Extreme Black

Scandal Eyes Micro Eye Liner

Scandal Eyes Thick and Thin Liner

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Autumn Glam

The autumn months are finally upon. It so cliche but i cant bloody believe its October!! Where has 2016 gone. Im not a fan of the cold as most of my outfits tend to get hidden by a big coat because i cant ever bring myself to brave how cold it will be without it.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Breaking my Suit virginity

I've never felt old enough to pull of a suit but as I have started my first ever adult job I thought it was time I broke my suit virginity. I am finally entering the adult work I need to do it in style.

Monday, 19 September 2016


Playsuits are my thing, they suit my body type and height but when it comes to jumpsuits I tend to struggle. I always feel too short or totally lacking in the boob department to ever look good in them.

However not too long ago when I was out shopping with my mum I saw this gorgeous palm print jumpsuit from Topshop and though sod it I'm going to try it on. I'm so glad I did! I actually felt so comfy in it. It has pockets, a loose waistband and the v neck isn't too low that I look like a total ironing board.
The length was perfect and I thought it looked super cute with these small New Look strappy heels and my Michael Kors bag. I decided to wear my River Island leather jacket because I feel this jumpsuit, although it is very summery, it can be worn anytime it all depends on how you accessories it.

How do you feel about jumpsuits? 
Hope you all enjoyed and leave me your thoughts below.

Palm Print Jumpsuit* exact same style just different print
New Look Strappy Sandals
River Island Leather Jacket
Michael Kors Bag

Monday, 12 September 2016

My Top 5 Highlighters

I thought since I did my top 5 concealers post last week I would carry on with the same theme and pick out 5 of my favourite highlighters.